Versatile Daydreamer?

An award? MOI? Haha just practicing the acceptance blog post. But in any case, it really is undeniably cool to open your dusty email one morning and see a post nominating you for something. So thanks, Real Living Beauty! I am happy to have made a beep-beep in your radar as a:


And here I thought I was just randomly spewing out thoughts in cyber space. Haha. Honestly though, this blog started as an online diary (bad idea) and transformed into a creative outlet of sorts (better idea). As most introverts can attest, my mind is a busy, noisy place of thoughts, opinions, ideas and daydreams, bustling like an airport during holiday season that I felt a gripping need to assume some form of control through writing. I love to write. Thus, this blog 🙂

So lifted from Real Living Beauty, here are The Rules of a Versatile Blogger:

1. Make a post about the award.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself or your blog.
3. Link to 15 other blogs (ideally with less than 200 followers) that you enjoy and that haven’t gotten the award before (if they have, it’s usually posted in their blog side bar).
7 Random Facts
Not so long ago, I played willing victim to the Twitter trend of #100factsaboutme, less because I felt people are dying to know but more because it was a good exercise on self-reflection. It’s nice to play this game again:
1. I am a leftie living in a world of righties. There was a scary statistic somewhere that said us lefties would die sooner because of this inconvenience, but apart from slight cramps every now and then and having to lift my wrist and elbow off the whiteboard to prevent erasing what I’m writing, I feel pretty good.
2. I love soundtrack music. I have embarrassingly zilch downloading knowledge. So if my sister isn’t feeling charitable enough to update my iTunes, the best place to go is movie OSTs. Memorable finds: Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone, New Girl‘s I Always Knew, The Runaway’s Cherry Bomb.
3. I need to read up a movie’s plot on Wiki while I’m watching it on cable/DVD. I don’t know why. I just have to. I hate suspense.
4. I still think FRIENDS was the best sitcom ever.
5. I have a growing, possibly illogical distrust of Apple products since Steve Jobs died.
6. I plan to challenge my brain soon and be quadrilingual. That should make travelling to Japan and SKorea easier.
7. I love rooting for strong fiction/movie/TV females, i.e. Jessica Day, Pepper Potts, Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan as portrayed by Kristen Stewart, Daenerys Targaryen, Hermione Granger, Becky Bloomwood every time she succeeds over her shopping addition.
15 Underrated, Very Fun, Very Smart Blogs
Some blogs exist not to make money from Google, not to spark fame, and not to be a blog-celebrity. Though I bear such bloggers no grudge, it is the less promotional, underrated ones that I feel deserve your attention:
Owl House Cats
Hmmm having a hard time compiling up to 15. Most of the good ones I know are already triple to more times 200 followers. Will update! Pinky promise! 🙂

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