Dear Charlaine Harris


In this last book, Sookie potentially goes back to the beginning, after basically wasting all our time.

I know you have artistic freedom and license as an author, and I respect that. These are, after all your characters and your created world. I too, however, as a reader of all 12 Sookie Stackhouse books,  have freedom of my own. And from what I have read from the leaked ending of your latest and last book Dead Ever After–due to no other’s fault but my own–I’m afraid you have lost one book sale. It might not matter in the grand scheme of your current success and riches, but it is a right I choose to exercise.

I warily look forward to your next endeavor, and pray you will no longer create a character as magnetic as Eric Northman. For our mutual sakes.

Thank you.


Sunk Shipper

P.S. Bright side: one book of my long post-Strama reading list. Le sigh.


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