Dream Diary, 2.24.13

Tim Burton Films

My dreams must be directed by Tim Burton or similar.

Does anyone else have dreams that play like a Tim Burton movie stream? No? Only me? Okay.

After a long thinking day, I declared laptop lights off at past 1am, closed my half-closed eyes and started my prayers, and drifted straight into a scary dream where someone I can’t see was tugging at my left shoulder. I pulled myself out and sank into another similar nightmare. And on it went for what felt like an hour at least, like channel surfing through cable TV that only had horror selections.

Ah the many ways that stress can haunt you (pun cornily intended).

Photo credits here.


4 thoughts on “Dream Diary, 2.24.13

  1. omooo I’ve been told that shoulder involving dreams represent – friends, family and responsibility.

    I have freaky weird dreams too. the weirdest one was about all my work colleagues turning into zombiefied vegetables, there was a queen potato, shooting at me with spud balls lol.

  2. I had a ninja dream once with a lot of explosions. I’d take that over any zombie dream. I hate zombies 😦 what you said about “shoulder dreams”… le sigh.

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