Dream Boy Onew


Plaid and floral Onew on his white horse.

A boy can not wear floral and plaid together and not be written about. It’s just not done. The outfit is plainly screaming for a blog post.

It is that happy time of year for SM Entertainment to once again whore out its ever effective noona bait. Fresh (and probably still tired) from the success of their mini album Sherlock and a multitude of concerts in Japan and elsewhere around the world, the Neverland boys of SHINee are raring and ready with another release. Leader Onew teases with the photo above for SHINee’s new song Dream Girl. Now I can with confidence say that I have the most colorful dreams, but nothing stylish like this.

The pink and blue plaid Thom Browne blazer is lollipop prep. Deliciously charming.  He drapes it over a pink and blue color block shirt with the sternest white collar, and pairs it with blue floral UNIQLO pants and studded silver sneakers. Genius, I say. Mad genius. Props to the coordi noona, and of course to Dream Boy Onew, who wholesomely pulled it off.

SHINee released the Dream Girl MV today. Enjoy the boys in their spring/summer prep below. Oh and the song is fun too 😉


4 thoughts on “Dream Boy Onew

  1. oooooh love the new mv, awwwww lil Tae ❤ I'm worried about why i keep looking at MINHO! It should be ONEW………..aigoooooooooooo. Need to start watching variety shows with Onew instead of Minho appearances.

  2. WHY look at Minho? I don’t understand :p I think SM realized now that Taem can sing too, Minho needs to have something else going for him (apart from height and looks and rapping) so they’re making him sing more lines. hehe

    • that is what i want to know as well…. why am i looking at Minhoooo! It sure does take SM a while to realize a lot of things to be honest haha.

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