2012 To-do List Revisited

I’ve been watching days pass recently, as in literally counting them as they go along, marked specifically by things I am excited about (Maroon 5 concert today, American Idol on Friday, The Phantom last Sep 3, session at Mode Lei Spa, every payday) and things that I dread (enrollment week, audit reply due date). One thing I have noticed is that even if you watch it, time still flies by. And sooner than I realize, it will be 2013, I will be another year closer to 30 (gah), and hopefully, I will have glowing awesome skin. But I digress. The point of this post being, I believe my 2012 To-do list needs a revisit.

Status please:

1. Watch a play/musical – DONE and ended with a standing O and a trio crush on The Phantom of the Opera leads, Claire Lyon, Jonathan Roxmouth and Anthony Downing. Thank you, really. Thank YOU.

2. Read at least one non-school book a month – Hmm. Have not been keeping count, but yeah I think this one is good. Last book read was The Rise of Nine, and I am rereading The Power of Six.

3. Visit Maj’s grave. Frequency goal to be determined by my emotional stability and that of my companion – Last visit was Valentine’s day 🙂

4. Get something out in YB/Philstar/anywhere (LOL, reducing standards as I grow older) – I hope Odesk counts though you don’t really know where they post your shit, haha. Though with my current employer I do. And this blog counts!! I say so.

5. Steer clear of new shit holes and learn to manage the existing ones – Ah yes, I am doing awesome here, thank you very much *smug face*

6. Get more 4.0s than 3.5s at school – Here too *smug-to-humble-face*

7. Watch a concert (is there really no more hope of SS4 Manila? Pretty please?) – No luck on SS4 yet, but I will be seeing Adam Levine and Phillip Philips this week.

8. Say the F-word less often. Basically swear a little less – I barely notice now haha methinks I’m improving.

9. Commit to a pescetarian diet – ish.

10. Commit to a organic skincare/makeup lifestyle – Skincare, check. Makeup, check-ish.

11. Commit to my quotas at work even if they seem highly probable – Yeah, check 🙂

12. On that note, be more positive about life 😀 – Hmm, lukewarm to warm.

13. Treasure my friends. They are in my life for a reason, even if I don’t know the reason yet – My moods swing me into wanting to be an island lately. Must be the age. Will try to work on this. But anyone who knows should understand that when a Scorpio tells you she doesn’t have time to go out and play, she really doesn’t. Sorry.

14. Treasure my family. They love me and I love them, even if we’re not Hallmark lovey-dovey like how the best of them are – Every day.

15. Write more – Nearly every day.

16. Shop less (best of luck here) – Less clothes shopping, definitely. But resources are diverted to skin care. Skin needs to improve ASAP so I can start saving for retirement.

17. Corollary to that: Spend less, save more – Please see above.

18. Progress from 50 (almost daily) crunches to an actual exercise regimen – I’m going back to this, I am!!

19. Travel domestic at least once (hopefully can be upgraded to international) – Went to Macau last May, yay!

20. Procrastinate less – It’s just that I multitask until I forget some things.

21. Be on time (more often, hehe baby steps!) – Body clock now synchronized to 5am wake up time. Downside is, I am dead sleepy by 7pm.

22. Maintain more sustainable sleeping hours – Refer to above answer.

Not bad if I say so myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “2012 To-do List Revisited

  1. Haha. Been picking up books that I have lying around because my free time comes and goes. I think you will pull the trigger first 😉

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