RIP Maj Guanzon

On this day I went to church and said your name, I had that Zagu crème brulee that you used to drink in high school, and I scrolled my calendar to the dates we’ve marked, my heart breaking because I was scheduled to crash your brother’s birthday on the 29th then sleepover at your house like high school kids do. In between were the moments when  I go back to staring at a blank wall, because that is exactly how the world looks like to me now without you—a long stretch of empty static space.

You are vibrant and strong, intelligent and confident, and endlessly awesome. You had the gift of making people around you feel special, and to me, you are the most beautiful person in the world.

I am happy you are at peace with the Lord now, where you will no longer feel pain. But I will miss you every day, and I will not forget. I love you hun.


9 thoughts on “RIP Maj Guanzon

  1. She was Gelo. She is still in Arlington Ascuncion Chapel. I hope you can visit. To Trix, did you know Maj? Immediate cause was hypovulimic shock.

  2. Truly Maj is such a big loss to us here on earth…and very painful to her parents and loved ones. . .indeed i felt their pain as i visited the remains of Maj last night and comforted and listened to her mother. I learned about her passing away from my daughter, Jareena (thru skype) who is an SSC Batch ’98 too…somehow i felt, I needed to represent my daughter.

    May you rest in peace, dear Maj!

  3. She had brain cancer but she’s good as cleared from that, so we can’t really attribute it there. Hypovolemic shock ang sabi ng doctor. Naubusan ng dugo.. We’re thinking it’s the stress she’s been carrying the past couple of weeks, nasobrahan and her body gave up.

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