My name is.

Needs plenty of patience to watch with the subs not in the video, but watching just the video is already cute enough for me.

SHINee Name Game for Elle Japan.

1. Which member is most competitive?

Members ask Minho, why are you so competitive?

Minho: Because I get irritated if I lose. Don’t you feel so? I can’t sleep at night.

2. Which member gets sulky oftentimes?

Minho: But I don’t get sulky!

Taemin: Uh, hyung does. Key: Yes, you do.

3. Which member do you want to date if you were a girl?

Minho: Wait, what if I want to do all except for this member?

Taemin: Uh, everyone picked his own name.

Minho: How can you do so?

Jonghyun, Key: I want to date with myself.

Jonghyun: It’s not like we’re going to marry.

Key: He thinks similar to me. I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

4. Which member is likely to get married first?

Taemin: Unanimous.

Jonghyun: Those who declares they would marry early end up not getting married.

Minho: Then, I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

5. Which member loses things most?

Key, Jonghyun: Ah, there are two.

Taemin: Wait, wait.

Minho: No explanation needed for these two. Losing a cell phone here, and losing a wallet over there.

Key: Even now, they might have lost something.

Onew: They’ll ask us in a minute.

Minho: They might lose this in a minute.

6. Which member is the most meticulous?

Onew: Key-goon also picked himself.

Key: It’s me!

Jonghyun: He’s very meticulous. Very mindful of details. Why did Minho pick me? I’m not meticulous at all.

Minho: He is in certain parts.

Jonghyun: If Minho-goon picks me, I get anxious. Why did he pick me?

Key: I even get annoyed by my meticulous side. But I can’t help it.

Jonghyun: You were born that way.

Key: (Speaking in Japanese)

Taemin: So desuka? (Is it so?)

Jonghyun: What did he say?

Taemin: Ah, he said he’s annoyed by his meticulous side.

Key: Wow.

Minho: Taemin-ah!

[Rough translation by jujugal]

1. Who is most athletic?

Jonghyun: He likes exercising most and is good at it too. And very competitive.

2. Who is most shy?

Minho: One, two, three.

Taemin: Well, I don’t know.

Key: Why not!

Jonghyun: Look who is blushing!

Key: When those he met first time ask a question, he doesn’t answer.

Jonghyun: He can’t. He just laughs.

Key: (imitating) He does this. They ask me, Why doesn’t he speak? I don’t know.

3. Who is most active?

Key: If he makes a decision, he puts it int action right away without thinking.

4. Who is most fashionable?

Minho: I want to change.

Taemin: No way.

Jonghyun, Onew: me too.

Jonghyun: The situation has reversed!

Onew: It’s 3:2.

Minho: Taemin-goon won!

5. Who is most reliable?

Minho: Oh, all different!

Key: All four excluding me.

Jonghyun: Then I’ll change to Key-goon…Uh, then I’m excluded! Let’s rely on one another like a circle.

Onew: Like this.

6. Who makes most mistakes on stage?

Key: Right, this is unexpected, but it’s right.

Jonghyun: Taemin-goon…

Minho: I have lots of parts on the same movement line with Taemin. Then I get to make mistakes.

Jonghyun: Taemin is confident even when he makes a mistake. He looks like doing a solo.

Minho: He’s smiling, so he makes me think, Ah, is that right? and then I get to make a mistake. It wasn’t my fault.

Taemin: Sorry.

Jonghyun: Don’t do it.

[Rough translation by jujugal]


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