Because my friend Dianne is such a good inspiration, and I’ve missed writing slumbook entries…Twitter is so over it by now, but this is a weirdly therapeutic exercise, and I dare you to finish reading, lol. I doubt if I am that interesting.

  1. I am left-handed.
  2. I have a feeling I will die of drowning, or a car accident.
  3. I like blue and yellow.
  4. I used to be a fan of the Backstreet Boys and The Moffatts. I tend to regret that fact, unless I am in the Karaoke.
  5. I love going to the Karaoke with my sister and cousins, and only one other particular group of friends who are allowed to suffer my tone-deaf singing.
  6. I want to sing Kpop songs in the Karaoke, only the lyrics are usually always in Hangul.
  7. I daydream in my spare time.
  8. I think if I were born a boy, I’d be very cute, and I’d be way cooler than I am now.
  9. If I were to be born a boy, I’d like to be a Korean or Japanese boy, and I’d be a rock star like Hyde or an idol like Donghae, only taller.
  10. I am sleepy all the time.
  11. Keep me still for two minutes and I will fall asleep. That is money-back guaranteed.
  12. I am not a morning person.
  13. I panic easily.
  14. I have the ability to doubt and be sure of myself all at once. It’s a unique, emotionally-draining skill @__@
  15. My penmanship has been degrading with time. I think it started with college, and I blame computers for that.
  16. My right hand shakes sometimes. I fear carpal tunnel.
  17. My back always hurts, and the left part of my shoulder makes this creepy cracking sound when I move it.
  18. I cannot swim.
  19. I am 5’8, and I like it.
  20. I am 123 lbs as of last count and am apparently still underweight, but it still makes me panic (specially since my sister keeps telling me I am getting fat).
  21. I want Krystal’s abs (and I mean that in a wholesome way, cc: Katie XP)
  22. I am a writer.
  23. I’ve been writing novels since I was in grade school. Don’t ask me about the quality of the plot, but the grammar is good and it makes me proud.
  24. I finished my first ever YA novel sometime last year. I dream for it to be published one day.
  25. I tried querying and got 2 rejects, and it felt weirdly good.
  26. I’ve been working in a bank for 5 years and I do not like it.
  27. My ultimate goal in life is to write for a living, like JK Rowling. And like her, I believe it will only too late the moment I give up.
  28. I worked for a Kpop news site for 8 months (?) and got $30 and a bunch of great sexy friends for my sincere efforts.
  29. I am Twitter-married to Katie Berka.
  30. We have a daughter named Nessa, but she doesn’t seem to like me much >,<
  31. My favorite dongsaeng is Shefa Aktar.
  32. My favorite imotou is Mina Dilig.
  33. My favorite sister is Ace Tria.
  34. My sister and I have been going to Woorijib restaurant a lot lately to eat our stress away with lots of banchan and kimbap.
  35. My omma is Mercedes and my abujji is Sungmin.
  36. I am too nice sometimes, bordering on cowardice.
  37. My patience is long but has a dead end. Beware the dead end.
  38. I feel in love with Jpop first. But it’s Kpop all around now.
  39. I think I was way cooler when I was listening to the Killers and Sandwich, but no regrets.
  40. I used to go watch gigs in a small old rusty place called Saguijo in the middle of the week, then crash at my staffs’ dorm. Good times.
  41. Oguri Shun is my husband.
  42. Lee Donghae is my ultimate Kpop bias. He got kind of pushed aside when I discovered Onew and Taemin, but we have rediscovered each other now.
  43. My first ever concert was Eraserheads, the Reunion.
  44. I watched Ghost Fighter the movie in a cinema with my entire family XD Family bonding moment.
  45. I watched UAAP basketball games a lot in college. I always rooted for Ateneo, though I was a UP student *fail*.
  46. I think UP is the best school ever, and made me into the person I am now.
  47. I think Ateneo is okay-ish, and I am enrolled there now because UP is so mean, won’t make Saturday classes for working slaves like me.
  48. My first ever Kpop experience was Super Junior Super Show 2. I did not even like them then, and only wanted to keep my sister company.
  49. I was christened a fan girl that night.
  50. I used to love Arashi. Matsujun all the way! (such a tiny voice and a tiny ass)
  51. I ship Matsujun and Inoue Mao, or Oguri Shun and Inoue Mao (if we truly are not meant to be).
  52. My favorite Kpop idol groups are SHINee and Super Junior.
  53. I like a bunch of other idols and their songs, but my heart can only handle loving two groups at one time. I love a lot, and loving gets expensive.
  54. My favorite drama of all time is Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2.
  55. One of my favorite movies is Jay Chou’s Secret. Jay Chou is a genius.
  56. I love Hong Kong. I wanna go there and buy their cute cakes every year.
  57. I love Hong Kong because there I can wear my winter-y idol-y clothes without being judged.
  58. At work they say I dress like salary women in K-dramas.
  59. At play, I dress like a namja idol. And often, that is hard to explain to my peers.
  60. Sometimes I wonder if people mistake me for a lesbian.
  61. On April 9 2011, two separate salesladies called me ‘sir’. I will not be returning to their stores.
  62. I am often called ‘sir’ on the phone.
  63. I’ve had long hair since I was a child, all the way until I was 21. I looked like a soggy mermaid before I chopped it off.
  64. Once you go short, you will never go back.
  65. My favorite hair place is Tony and Jackey.
  66. There, one hot Korean stylist named Eddie asked me if I wanted him as my boyfriend.
  67. I love to read. Reading is one of the things I can do for days on end without complaint. Ditto writing.
  68. My favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Mr Darcy for the win.
  69. My favorite series of all time is the Harry Potter books. I read them over at least one book once a year.
  70. The therapy place for my sister and me is Trinoma. We hug Trinoma when we’ve missed it.
  71. I love Green Tea frappe in Starbucks, but I am now going without the whipped cream.
  72. Chocolates are my vitamins.
  73. I’ve had only one boyfriend, and we lasted for seven years.
  74. He broke up with me, and at the risk of sounding bitter, I really am glad he did.
  75. I am happy man invented skinny jeans and BB cream.
  76. Ditto Chucks and Keds. I want them all!
  77. I have never gotten drunk, nor do I intend to have the experience.
  78. I love my friends, but we are all so stubborn, I wonder sometimes how we get along.
  79. For some weird reason, I like school.
  80. Taking my MBA is part of my life plan (and my mother’s requirement before I can marry). What happens after that is open-ended.
  81. On the lighter side though, after my masters, I intend to take classes in Korean and Japanese language, and swimming lessons (if somebody will still take me in).
  82. Leave me to wait inside a bookstore and you won’t hear me complain.
  83. I love watching movies, and always in the farthest topmost seat.
  84. Sometimes, I really hate my job.
  85. I make a really bad teacher.
  86. I assume all people are smart, and I am often wrong. I am arrogant that way.
  87. I have size nine feet. Big ass boats.
  88. My sisters will never forgive me if I go to Japan or Korea without them.
  89. I am massively introverted.
  90. Most times, I prefer sitting alone with my iPod and a book than being with friends. It’s a preference, not a sickness.
  91. There is a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.
  92. I have an active fear of speaking in front of people. And no it does not get better with age.
  93. I miss riding bikes.
  94. I like Math and English.
  95. Science and I hate each other.
  96. My mother raised me as a geek, giving me books instead of dolls, and pressuring me to be ranked 1 in class since kindergarten. But I’m grateful to her now for it.
  97. As Finance VP in my college organization in senior year, I organized a rock concert. It was sheer mess and attendance was lukewarm, but it goes down to my list of accomplishments.
  98. I competed as features editor in a regional meet in high school. I lost and cried over it.
  99. I love my mother, but we don’t tell each other those things.
  100. Objectively, my country is a crappy place, but I love it.

3 thoughts on “#100factsaboutme

  1. *finally gets to reading this, I had it as a saved tab ;)*

    I made it to your facts 😀
    I had no idea you were such a writer, I want to read your stuff! Do you write in Tagalog or English, coz I might struggle with the first unless its dirty stuff you taught me 😛 Never give up trying to get stuff published coz that would be amazing! ❤

    LOL at being called 'sir' twice in one day haha, that's why I'm the wifey 😛

    I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you 🙂

  2. yobo!!! wow I never imagine anyone would read through this, and I am glad you are the first (and possibly only one) who did ❤

    I was kinda waiting for that 'sir' moment, with my hair so short, but it still did not feel good hearing that, lol.

    I am kinda such a writer, and I write in English XD ironically, Tagalog was one of my worst subjects in school. My Tagalog is iffy and all slang-y. I have only one semi-finished stuff (the editing process is never ending), but I am shy to let you read it :/ and thank you my love, the dream of getting published lives like a torch in my heart ❤


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