Cutest interviewee in the world <33

Taemin’s Interview at Elle Girl March 2011

1. First thing you do when you get up in the morning?
– Look at the time on the phone, followed by showering
2. Do you prefer fried scrambled eggs, half-boiled or steamed eggs?
– Half-boiled
3. When looking at the mirror, the first part you look at?
– Eyes! Staring at my eyes in the mirror, and proceed with self-hypnosis
4. Between pull-ups, horse-vaulting, sit-ups, the one you’re most confident of?
– Pull-ups, confidence to stay hung on the bar
5. Between soccer, baseball and basketball, which one of them do you play most often?
– Soccer. I liked it since young, my favourite player is Ronaldo!
6. Between American Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino, your most frequent coffee drink is?
– American Espresso, but not often.
7. Between washing the laundry, cooking rice and doing the dishes, which one do you hate most?
– Laundry.
8. When watching movie in the cinema, which seat do you prefer? What about on the plane?
– When I’m in the cinema, I like sitting in the middle row. On the plane, I like the window seat.
9. How long do you spend putting on your clothes in the morning? When picking your clothes and shoes, what are your standards?
– I wear whatever I see. Hence, I spent less than 5 minutes on dressing up.
10. Which part of your dressing do you spend more on?
– I prefer jackets, pants and outerwear
11. Your most satisfied stage costume?
– The black outfit in “Lucifer” MV. The ripped jacket and tight black pants.
12. Backpacks, sling bags, strapped shoulder bags, or handbags?
– Backpacks for school time, and sling bags for normal days
13. What is your personal fashion tip to portraying your own style through the choice of your bag?
– Appropriate amount of items in your bag, it cannot be too full, nor can it be too empty
14. What do you normally store in your bag?
– MP3, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as wallet.
15. Your favourite and most hated subject in school?
– Favourite subject would be P.E (Physical Education), and hated subject is Social
16. When you have a girlfriend, between flowers, clothes and ring, which would you want to give her as a present?
– A ring in the flowers
17. A girl like a puppy (T/N: Referring to cute pets), or a girl like a kitten, which of the two types attracts you more?
– I think a girl like a kitten would attract me more
18. If you buy a car, would you like a sportscar or a posh and expensive one?
– Although I’d love both, but I will go for the posh one first
19. Which city would you like to visit the most?
– Based on photos alone, I’d like to go to Paris.
20. Any recently watched movie, read books, or albums you bought that you would like to recommend?
– <Secret> A very useful book
21. What is the word you would like to add in front of your group name, “SHINee”?
– “Progressing Idols” SHINee. Temporarily it would be this, then?
22. Your most memorable moment during your first concert?
– Moving along to the music, unknowingly dancing to the melodies would be the moments
23. Among SHINee’s songs, which is the one you would hum to the most?
– It’s “Lucifer” recently, in reality it changes quite frequently.
24. Which is the member who makes Taemin laugh the most?
– Onew Hyung. Interesting gags
25. If you could switch identity with a member, who would you want to be most?
– What a difficult question
26. Do you get depressed or excited when it’s your birthday? Are you an adult now, or do you want to become an adult or you do not wish to be an adult?
– Everything my birthday comes, I get worried. I think time is passing too quickly, I do not want to grow up to be an adult just yet.
27. When is the most recent time you said “I love you”?
– To our dogs at home, Eve and Yadan.
28. Any things you’re especially obsessed or keen on these days?
– Accumulating new experience, interacting more with others, working hard towards my goal every moment
29. Can you use 3 words to describe yourself?
– Determination, Student, Red? I said whatever that came to my mind

Source: kindergarten
Kor-Chi trans :
Chi-Eng trans : weexin @ weareshining


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