Cherrie Bomb, 70’s kick ass.


4 thoughts on “Cherrie Bomb, 70’s kick ass.

  1. I still don’t believe her as a ’70s bad ass rock star. But Kristen Stewart is so Joan Jett. I know you’re not impressed with her, but when you see this I hope you will 🙂

    Oh, and you must watch Into The Wild! I have a DVD if you want. It’s that guy from Girl Next Door, and the director is Sean Penn, and it’s based on a real story, and Kristen is there 🙂

    I kinda have a girl crush.

  2. I’ve watched that na. Yun ba yung kumain siya ng deer? Yeah, for some reason naiinis ako sa mukha ni Emile Hirsch. Must be because he looks like someone I know.

    And hey, who says I don’t like Kristen? I like looking at her. But not watching her.

    SHE’S HOT.

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