24 years and 5 days. Gah.

Okay, so it was a fun week. I’m trying to hold on to the childlike happiness you feel on birthdays, and that’s not very hard to do. The catch is after people become extra nice to you and sing and give you presents and well wishes, at the end of the day at the chime of the next midnight, you’re just another year older. Which is great, by the way.

Anyway, they say pictures speak a thousand words, so I’m letting them do the talking:


2 thoughts on “24 years and 5 days. Gah.

  1. It’s not so bad ate! You’re still considered young, you know.:P Hehehe. And look, if it’s not your birthday people won’t give you cake and hire caterers and give you more cake and birthday presents related to Twilight. You know, seeing how much we’re loved kinda makes the fact that we’re a year older suck less.

    Anyways, belated happy birthday! Love ya!

  2. yeah, for one it’s great that you love me!! and okay, maaaybe 24 isn’t all that bad. celina is turning 20 this year. which is great since now i’m not the only once past my teens in this family. well, apart from my parents, but of course they don’t count. and rob is 23, so we can still be together. and shun is going on 27, and that cheers me up too 🙂

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