Keep a chain-smoker off his sticks forever and you may as well kill him. But telling someone with a full set of sweet teeth all the way down to the molars that he can no longer touch a knob of chocolate and it’s like a piece-meal death, one excruciating limb at a time.

Life lesson: bad habits are hard to break, but fun routines can be heartbreaking to stop. But I think second time’s the charm. In any case, it’s already November 7 in a few hours 🙂



3 thoughts on “Lalalalala

  1. I actually have no idea on how to interpret this, so I’ll just leave you to explain on NOVEMBER 20 (OH YEAH!!!). Hahaha!

  2. Grabe, it’s so has to be a reeeeaalllly long date, coz we have like eons and eras of catching up to do. And I’ve already got tickets, so you’re so not backing out on me woman! Ya hear me??

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