The beginnings of transitivity.

Beth has been crushing on Paul for the longest time.
Paul has a new wife and said wife is expecting.
Jill is Beth’s friend. She used to think the scenario is quite funny.
Paul starts talking to Jill through IM on a daily basis.
He tells her he has a crush on her and is all sweet and shit.
Sally is Beth and Jill and Paul’s friend. She tells Jill Paul is sweet by nature.
Since Jill is an idiot, she now has a crush on Paul too.
Sally thinks the situation is hilarious.
Jill thinks the situation is shitty.
Beth is blissfully ignorant of the big picture.
The end of all logic.


2 thoughts on “The beginnings of transitivity.

  1. What is this? it’s beginning to sound cryptic, added to the post before this.

    Since I know we can never have too much of it, here’s another BIG HUG!

  2. I so love you for the big hugs. How did you know I need them so badly?? Some strange shit (pardon my French) is going on, I’ll tell you when I see you. Hope by then I’ll be feeling less prone to heartburn. No need to worry. You know how I tend to panic. Big hug back!! Boo to Hell Week!

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