She even cries pretty.

Scenes from the movie 200 Pound Beauty.


‘You broke my heart. Tissue won’t fix it’


Sangjun to Jenny: Now you’re pretty like me.


But inside, I am really 200 pounds!


6 thoughts on “She even cries pretty.

  1. 200 pound beauty!! must watch, must watch. it’s LOL funny and it’s good for the tear ducts. oh, and for our growing list of manly men crushes too =)

  2. Ooh, I’ve read about this somewhere. Okay, I’ll put it on my list.:> Oh, you should watch Buzzer Beat, too. Super nakaka-kilig.:D

    Manly men, good, cause I’m starting to switch to pretty boys again. Kim Bum is distracting me! AND! He’s coming here to the Philippines! To like, some orphanage to take care of babies! I wanna go to that orphanageeeeeee!!! Kim Bum is so hot. I swear, he beat KHJ na for me.:|

  3. no no no he cannot beat KHJ!!! i love KHJ!!!!! but yes he is so hot, but he is pretty boy hot, so i’m kinda sawa na. but i wanna go to that orpahanage too!!

    what’s buzzer beat? =)

  4. ooohhh. i’ll tell celina. we might go back to circle c for this. although i cannot find our ate who sells us dorama dvds.

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