I’m so excited. I’m even considering Team Jacob. Until I came upon picture thus provided below.


November 20. Don’t forget.

P.S. I wish the dreams would shut up. They’re disrupting my sleep-debt repayment scheme.


5 thoughts on “OME.

  1. ugh i know. i so get it now why bella was so confused after the entire universe already decided that edward is the perfect supernatural creature evaahh. do you get the feeling that this movie will be sooo great? i do i do!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! I got goosebumps sa trailer! With creepy Dakota Fanning being creepy. And the big-budget special effects. And I saw Seth Clearwater’s pictures! He looks just as I imagined him.:D

  3. yes yes he’s so cute!! you wanna stalk newmoon and eclipse too? try and they update like everyday. totally resolves my required OME/OMJ fix. grabe, so can’t wait. and i really think they’ll make edward sparkle properly now.

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