My First Rejection.

Huh. Ouch. And it came pretty promptly too. In like two days after I sent the email. Okay, I have to get used to this. It’s always a bumpy, hole-infested, long and winding rugged road to get to the thing you want most. It’s fine. It’s okaaay.

But still. Ouch.


5 thoughts on “My First Rejection.

    • yes. did you know that it summed up to almost 190,000 words? and that meant it runs to 692 pages when it’s double-spaced (the way it’s apparently supposed to be when you’re submitting it)? so now i’m editing it like crazy. because who would publish a bible-thick first novel from an unknown newbie? (but if you do know someone, do let me know. haha. i’m having fun with this, but it’s ridiculously nerve-wracking too)

  1. What did you send? Document 1? Aww, just be patient.;) All writers go through the process. Cheer up!;)

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