To Be Able to Get Something You’ve Never Had, You Must Do Something You’ve Never Done.

Query letters, synopses, sample chapters, exclusive submissions–Ms Meyer was right. It gets so intimidating I am tempted to just stop right here. But everything exciting comes with a shot of fear. As do everything important to you, and all things worth getting. I am going to give it a try, even if I may feel licks of depression for every rejection I get. And I think, I think, I may be able to get what I want. Sooner or later, and maybe the timing doesn’t even matter. Life starts at 23 right? And then again at 40?

Thanks, Tin, for the quote. This will now be my life motto.jandijaekyong

Just to lighten up my damp mood. I love Jaekyong’s hair. But I think I have to iron mine every frigging day to make it look like that. But still, I try.


4 thoughts on “To Be Able to Get Something You’ve Never Had, You Must Do Something You’ve Never Done.

  1. Your hair’s shorter than hers, right? But I like your hair, you know. I wish I could pull off short hair. Haha.

    Don’t think about it too much.;) It’ll come. Just be patient.

    You know I’m your biggest fan. Love you ate!

    • try getting short hair! you’ll never go back, i swear. haha. awww.. i love you too. i totally love communicating like this. haha. great idea =)

  2. I’ve actually made two people stake their lives on not letting me cut my hair.:)) I’m trying to grow it back to how long it was in 2007. HAHA.

    Yeah! We can talk about more stuff here.:>

  3. come on, i’ll come with you when you get it cut. you can do it before college!!! new look! although yeah i do love your fairy princess long hair. on you and arwen both =)

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