Coffee Fridays

This should in the calendar, if coffee prices aren’t so ridiculously steep. I meant to not spend a dime until the next payday, but there it was last night, 250 bucks flying off a starving wallet to pay for a green tea frappe (which is yum, no matter what they say) and a mallow cake (which didn’t deserve it’s expensiveness, I’m sorry). There was something to be said about gossip and emo mumblings and never ending heartache (theirs, and yeah I guess, only a teeny bit of mine) and headache talks, though. Specially if it’s with people you only discuss encashment approvals and policy deviations with on a daily, 8-5 basis. And it’s always fun to hear Lolo Norman’s tales of old, even it means I’m upping my second-hand smoke intake.


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